Welcome to my newest version of this blog.   If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself.  My name is Dawn. I’m a thirty-something trying to figure out my life . I am originally from the Coachella Valley, but have most recently moved to the Inland Empire.

(You can read my previous adventures here)

Most importantly, WE MOVED!  I won’t give out the exact city, but it is far enough out of the desert that I don’t miss it. 🙂  I accepted a new job in Ontario, by their major mall, but the commute, and differing philosophies and I decided to apply at a place closer to where we moved to. The location by home was BRAND NEW, as in it was under construction when I interviewed.  The location opened this last Saturday.  It’s been slow, and I have been starting to think if maybe it’s time to re-consider going back into that field of work.  I’m considering my options, but after spending the last three years in an office, I’m pretty sure I do not want to do that. I know I will not work for an HOA after the last job. I have friends who are in Real Estate, or are interested in getting their license.  I think that would be cool, but I have seen how much work does go into selling a house, and out here in California, it’s easy to over saturate the market.


Alright enough of my venting for now….I’m gonna try and post weekly. If  I don’t have exciting things, I’ll update you on the  boring adventures of a True Blonde 😉

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